LET’S INSPIRE BIHAR A voluntary Social, Cultural and Educational initiative

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August 2022
August 19, 2022

हर ख़बर पर हमारी पकड़

LET’S INSPIRE BIHAR A voluntary Social, Cultural and Educational initiative

* Launched by Bihar Entrepreneurship Conclave and hosted by

New Delhi. As a part of the “Let’s Inspire Bihar” initiative, the “Bihar Entrepreneurship Conclave” was organized by the Delhi- NCR Chapter in New Delhi at the NDMC Convention Center. The event was hosted by Mr. Vikas Vaibhav IPS 2003 who is also an IIT Kanpur alumnus and has deep interest in history and future of India.

This was one of the most important meetings since the commencement of “Let’s Inspire Bihar or LIB”. Conceived for creating a road map for working upon Entrepreneurship, one of the pillars of the futuristic initiative, it was proposed to organize it in a form which would set the future agenda for the LIB teams to work upon in accordance with our vision and mission. The event also witnessed felicitation of 15 successful entrepreneurs and active district coordinators of LIB.

Let’s Inspire Bihar is a voluntary social, cultural and educational initiative that seeks to promote and work upon the themes of Education, Egalitarianism and Entrepreneurship in order to contribute towards the establishment of a better future for Bihar. The Programme at the NDMC Convention Center included several panel discussions on the agenda “Let’s Inspire Bihar “ themed at promoting and working upon the themes of Education, Egalitarianism and Entrepreneurship.

Some of the topics that was widely discussed were Role and Expectations from different segments of society, Status report of LIB Chapters in and outside Bihar, History, Current status and agenda for development of Entrepreneurship in Bihar, Vision and Agenda for development of Entrepreneurship in Bihar, Introduction of Mentor your school, Launch of LIB website, Role of Pravasi Biharis in LIB and presentation of success stories of Bihar.

On the occasion Mr. Vikas Vaibhav said “The conclave aimed to connect such committed individuals, who have on a voluntary basis opted to contribute towards future building on any of the core themes. The inspiration emanating from Bihar’s magnificent heritage, which since the most ancient times had made its mark felt in the then contemporary world, is the main driving force behind the initiative“

As one proudly recalls the past of Bihar, as a land of knowledge, as a land of military might with egalitarian political traditions and as a land of entrepreneurship, the initiative seeks to encourage the present generation to ponder over the reasons which had once brought such glory.

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