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August 2022
August 19, 2022

हर ख़बर पर हमारी पकड़

New Delhi. The plans are finalized, the outfit planning is finally over, Sangeet dance practices have begun… It’s time for the Great Big Indian Wedding season! All of us love a good wedding – either to attend one, or to throw one. However, with all the stress of wedding-hopping, comes the additional question: How will the photos be?
For all of us, great wedding snaps are the stuff of dreams. But when it really comes down to it, wedding photos are so easily spoiled if you haven’t paid attention to one small detail: Skincare! In a quick-fix, instant delivery world, skincare is the one thing that takes planning and effort, but it also delivers a lasting value – photos or otherwise! Coming from decades of experience in delivering lasting beauty, we have put together some great skin treatments that you can try as you gear up for the best part of the year. 

1) Intense long-lasting skincare solutions
You will no doubt visit the parlour, and get beauty treatments closer to the big events. With the pandemic still among us, there is a lot of merit in considering a comfortable, home-solution to your facial requirements. However, be careful to pick your products carefully. A lot of beauty brands promise instant results, but they do lasting damage you will see emerge with time. What you should look for is brands that are based in nature, enriched by science and validated by expertise. We have found that even exposure to heat in the kitchen, or too much screen time can cause tanning. You should keep products that give you a solution to these issues as partners in your arsenal, while planning your routines. This will ensure you never regret a beauty treatment!

2) Stay hydrated & moisturized
Winters and weddings come hand in hand. Additionally, since we all lead busy lives, we also have to battle long work hours, screen exposure, and tiredness that starts showing on your face. It is key to keep your body (and thereby your skin!) healthy through times of high excitement. Drink plenty of water, add yummy teas & infusions like chamomile to help your mind and body relax and rejuvenate, and don’t forget your friendly moisturizer to beat the winter dryness!

3) Neem to the rescue
Acne is  undesirable on any  day, but it  becomes even more irksome when you have to prepare for a big occasion. 
You can use a simple pack consisting of neem powder and water on your face as a quick and efficient remedy for acne and comedones. Let the thin paste dry on your face for about 20 mins and then wash it by gently rubbing it in circular motions.

4) Say bye-bye to the tan with the Besan pack
Besan or gram flour is a traditionally trusted beauty ingredient in Indian households. It is known to reduce tan, increase brightness and limit oil on the face. To avail the goodness of besan this wedding season, a simple concoction is all it takes:
Take equal amounts of besan and dahi (curd) in a bowl. Add a pinch of turmeric to the mixture and give it a mix. Apply a thin layer of the paste on your face and let it dry for about 15 to 20 minutes. To wash it off, dampen your face a bit with water and use your hands to rub the mixture in a smooth, circular motion. Continue massaging your face for about 2 minutes before washing off with water and unleashing a bright and oil-free face.

Summing up
Your skin is your best ornament and you cannot be too careful about how you care for it. If you build a strong beauty regime with the right products into your routine, no matter what the occasion, you will be ready to go. All you have to do is pick wisely, and pick for the long run, so that promises of a quick fix don’t create lasting problems that lead to regrets. After all, true beauty comes when you are happiest in your own skin!Attachments area

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