Social Activist Shri Abhishek Yash Tyagi Launched the Campaign Fight Against Unemployment

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August 2022
August 19, 2022

हर ख़बर पर हमारी पकड़

Social Activist Shri Abhishek Yash Tyagi Launched the Campaign Fight Against Unemployment


Nazafgarh Metro News/Siddharth Rao/Ghaziabad/- Social Activist Shri Abhishek Yash Tyagi launched the campaign FIGHT AGAINST UNEMPLOYMENT today at a Press conference held at The Fortune Hotel at Rajnagar in Ghaziabad. The occasion was to address the issue of unemployment in our country especially in Ghaziabad and other parts of Uttarpradesh. Also present on the occasion were Maninder Singh Nayyar Chairman ASSOCHAM National Council on Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Smt. Indu Bhargava President Bal Bharti Academy and Ankit Kumar, Associate Director & Head of Supply Chain from Shadow Fax and Mr. Yashpal Singh Tyagi Retd. Govt. officer Servicing Human Kind.

Maninder Singh Nayyar said “The demography in India is such that around 50% of the population is below 35 year of age and we will need a lot of job opportunities and we should look at technology driven sectors including delivery boys and others to create more employment. Also present on the occasion Smt. Indu Bhargava highlighted that Bal Bharti Academy (BBA) is conducting skill development and training programs across 8 states in the country to help the youth and BBA is feeling proud that they have organized this event with the support of all stakeholders where we will be able to provide economic strength to more than 1500 youth in the region of Ghaziabad.Ankit Kumar, Associate Director & Head of Supply Chain from Shadow Fax said that we are one of the largest platforms in India to employ delivery boys and we are happy to collaborate with BBA and Abhishek Yash Tyagi to provide jobs to the youth of the area. On this occasion Shri Abhishek Yash Tyagi said “India being one of the countries with the highest youth population in the world, providing jobs to the maximum number of employable youth is the most important need in today’s era.This is my humble initiative to help as many individuals as possible. This noble programme is offering jobs with minimal qualifications and conditions. Youth to be employed should have a driving license and a two-wheeler.” I would like to appeal to the established people of the society, thinking it as their social responsibility; they should take strong steps to eradicate unemployment. All established people in the country should follow this movement to make a better India. This noble vision of employment meant for youth, without consideration of educational qualifications and good payout is of my father Shri Yash Pal Singh Tyagi who is leading a peaceful retired life, I’m taking forward his vision to the largest extent possible with his guidance and blessings. “adds AbhishekOn behalf of the youth of Ghaziabad I’m highly grateful and thankful for the cooperation and support provided by these prominent organizations of the country, Shadowfax, ASSOCHAM and Bal Bharti Academy and also to every individual who helped us in getting this employment fair to Ghaziabad and turning our visions into reality with all the services of the fair free of cost including Registration and Training .I sincerely request all the dignitaries to employ maximum possible individuals from my city Ghaziabad. 

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